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Welcome to The Educational Games Database (TEGD), a website catering to educators who want to learn more about the educational potential of video games. TEGD is a resource for educators at all grade levels, and with all types of backgrounds related to technology and video games. Whether you play games in your free time, or haven't touched a video game since Pac-Man, you'll find information that is helpful for you.

TEGD is soliciting new content including:

  • definitions of gaming terms, rules, and genres;
  • case studies detailing your use of games to teach, in or out of the classroom;
  • lesson or unit plans incorporating games;
  • and reviews, analyses and "close readings" of games with a focus educational potential.

Please note that all content added to TEGD will be licensed under the Creative Commons terms listed below. If you have any questions, please email site administrator Max Lieberman.

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