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Welcome to The Educational Games Database (TEGD), a website catering to educators who want to learn more about the educational potential of video games. TEGD is a resource for educators at all grade levels, and with all types of backgrounds related to technology and video games. Whether you play games in your free time, or haven't touched a video game since Pac-Man, you'll find information that is helpful for you.

First time here? Begin with the articles below!

Novice level We've recently added a quick <a href="/content/introduction-educational-video-games" title="An Introduction to Educational Video Games">introduction to educational video games</a>. This article is for educators who are interested in leveraging games as a powerful educational technology, but who don't know where to start. If that sounds like you, please <a href="/content/introduction-educational-video-games" title="An Introduction to Educational Video Games">read it now</a>!

Intermediate level

If you know a bit about video games or educational gaming, take a look at our intermediate-level introductory articles, which cover some of the different approaches you can take to using games in the classroom. Start by reading about<a href="/content/ways-teach-video-games-content-aligned-games" title="Ways to teach with games: content-aligned video games"> how to teach with "content-aligned" games</a> (video games that cover a subject already being taught in school). Then move on to our article about <a href="/content/ways-teach-video-games-games-texts" title="Games as texts article link" target="_blank">teaching games as texts</a>.

Advanced level

Our advanced-level introductory articles are still to come. These will focus on how to have students create their own games, how to take design ideas from video game to make your class more engaging, and on general best practices for bringing video games into the classroom.

On the horizon

Content for TEGD is still being added regularly. But don't go away! We already offer:

  • explanations of common game genres;
  • explanations of common game rules and behaviors (aka "game mechanics");
  • articles about specific games that have been used to teach, or have educational potential;
  • a glossary of common games-related words and phrases;
  • and forums where you can get answers to your questions about games, game-based pedagogy, game technology, this site, and related topics.

Our focus at present is on continuing to write core content for the site, and on improving navigation so that educators with a variety of backgrounds can immediately locate the aspects of the site most useful to them. User registration is currently disabled, but if you'd like to contribute to the site, please contact Max Lieberman at [].

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