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Welcome to The Educational Games Database (TEGD), a website catering to educators who want to learn more about the educational potential of video games. TEGD is a resource for educators at all grade levels, and with all types of backgrounds related to technology and video games. Whether you play games in your free time, or haven't touched a video game since Pac-Man, you'll find information that is helpful for you.

Current Pages

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An Introduction to Educational Video GamesAntichamberArcade games
AvatarBattlefield 4Budget Hero
BugsCasual gamesDemocracy 2
Dynasty Warriors 7 ReviewEnviro-Bear 2000EteRNA
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Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)Microsoft Flight Simulator XMy Spanish Coach (DS)
PandemicPlatform gamesReus
Role-Playing Games (RPGs)Sid Meier's Pirates!Sid Meiers Civ V
Single-player gamesSurgeon Simulator 2013Teaching Games as Texts
Teaching with Content-Aligned GamesTitle

On the horizon

TEGD has just recently become a wiki, and we are soliciting new content including:

  • definitions of gaming terms, rules, and genres;
  • case studies detailing your use of games to teach, in or out of the classroom;
  • lesson or unit plans incorporating games;
  • and reviews, analyses and "close readings" of games with a focus educational potential.

User registration is currently open upon request, so if you'd like to contribute to the site, please email site administrator Max Lieberman.

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