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Bugs are errors in the way that a game functions. Common symptoms of bugs include software crashes or freezes and strange occurrences in-game, such as malfunctioning [physics] simulations or an inability to progress through a [game level] as it is designed.


Bugs are present to a greater or lesser degree in most software, and the possibility of unforeseen technical complications should be taken into account when planning a course that will include video or computer games. Modern computer and console games often include the ability to fix bugs discovered after a game is released by updating the software over the internet.

In gaming culture

Communities of players frequently discuss major bugs in online forums, and information on how to circumvent or overcome bugs is often available online. Videos or screenshots of particularly unusual or entertaining bugs may go viral. From the point of view of the player, the line between a bug and a feature or deliberate choice on the part of the [game developer] is not always clear. For this reason bugs sometimes contribute to different interpretations of or attitudes towards a game.

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