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--Author: Chase Cagala 08:44, 28 February 2014 (MST)


Game Information

Battlefield 4 splash screen.
Battlefield 4, created by EA entertainment and DICE is now available to play for PC, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and the Xbox ONE. Battlefield 4 starts on the ground running into the action packed FPS and action game of the year as Sgt. Recker of the US spec ops squad “Tombstone.” With tension rising between the US, China and Russia, an assassination attempt is made after the Chinese presidential candidate.

Of course with the rising tension, the United States, is left with the shortest straw and is blamed. Sgt. Recker and Co are ordered to go on various missions including rescuing Chinese VIPS to find out what’s really going on in hope to find out what’s really going on. This will take Recker and Tombstone through some of the most breathe taking landscapes as you go through lush green environments, to treacherous snowcapped mountains to save Tombstone, the Valkyrie (your main base) and even the U.S from escalating global affairs. Mechanics overview

As it is a no brainer that Battlefield 4 is not the 1st game in its series, that doesn’t mean that DICE and EA failed to introduce to us new mechanics that have set some high standards for the genre of FPS (first person shooters). Amongst these improvements are spectacular graphics and beautiful environments, changes to the way squads and groups will work together in the multiplayer, Interaction with objects with in the game and simplified learning factors.


Browsing available multiplayer matches.
Battlefield 4’s interface thrives strongly, with beautiful and stunning graphics that make interactions between the user and the game not only fun but easy as well. One of the most important aspects of an interface in modern FPS are the different classes and customization for these classes. Battlefield 4’s interface for class customization offers superb visuals, with simplified visuals that will minimize your time without the cluttered interface of Battlefield 3.

Character customization aside, the game also thrives in allowing the user to easily find games with specifications that are desirable to the user. The user can select what game type, how many people are in the game, what maps they want to play and even filter by specific damage modifiers. These changes also make it easy to find games with friends and most important games that won’t have you smashing your hang against your keyboard because you got thrown onto a losing team with several seconds before the round ends, much like Call of Duty players are accustomed to.


A skyscraper topples in the Frostbite 3 engine.
Battlefield 4, offers the most remarkable graphics on the market today, even for new gen gaming machines like the PS4 and the XBOX ONE. The game was developed on the new Frostbite 3 engine. The engine has allotted developers to create more realistic environments through use of high resolution, textures and particle effects. The system even introduces a networked water system, which is technology that is supposed to allow players to interact with changes in the environment at the same time, for example being on a boat and interacting with a wave. This system has also allowed DICE and EA to take interactions with the environment to a whole new level with devolution. A mechanic that allows players to completely destroy buildings on far more grandiose scale than has even been introduced before.


An example of the aquatic vehicle combat introduced in this installment.
As you may be able to assume based on changes from the Frostbite 3 engine, that gameplay has changed drastically. Not only from the way a player can interact with buildings but the way players can interact with one another. In Battlefield 4, players will find themselves in teams in squads, with squad leaders that are randomly assigned. When players in a squad work together to take objectives, such as capturing or defending a point, that group will receive field upgrades, which will enhance the players ammo, accuracy and even sprint ability. Battlefield 4 more than ever encourages players to work together through class specific buffs. For example: In a typical multiplayer game in Battlefield 4, players will have less bullets than in previous games, so you will need to count on your support class to drop ammo backs and the same goes for your assault class dropping med kits. Doing so will not only benefit the individual but the group as well through experience points.

Battlefield 4 has always been a game that has thrived off of not only a solider interacting with players on the ground but through the use of vehicles as well. Battlefield 4 has introduced a whole new line of aquatic vehicles such as jet skis and battleships for levels with water (and there are a lot of them). What’s even better, is players can now swim in water, dive and shoot in the water. The recon class can conceal themselves in the water by diving, coming around an enemy battleship, plant C4 on them and detonate it for major points. In this way Battlefield 4 offers a whole new variety of game play styles that will keep players more addicted.

Educational potential

The very idea of using a game as a tool of educating, is a very subjective idea to me. The intended audience would need to be very mature and understand what he or she should be looking for or taking out of the experience. That being said, Battlefield 4 has a lot of learning potential. In one specific way, it can be used to teach game developers how to take advantage of the Frostbite 3 game engine raising the bar and pushing innovations in the game market.

To a mature audience the game could also be used to show the seriousness and major effects of war. The story line of Battlefield 4 is a very dramatic one, riddled with violence and very intense scenes. In this sense this game could be used in a variety of ways. It could be used to influence a person who has wants to join the military to join or even do the very opposite. Battlefield 4 really shows an emphasis on teamwork and teams working together to accomplish a common goal.

Although it may not be the most practical of applications as a simulator, Battlefield 4 has many vehicles that players are able to interact with, such as fighter jets, Helicopters, tanks and other heavy armored vehicles. In a way, the way the player interacts with these vehicles are a decent way to simulate how these vehicles would work in real life, minus of course a few variables such as the way weather interacts with flying vehicles. All the same though, it can be used to inspire somebody to take a more realistic approach towards perhaps learning to fly etc. As far as I know though, this game has never been used to teach in the real world yet, that may also have something to do with it still being young.


Battlefield 4, is a very fun game that I think anybody could get into. The graphics alone are simply amazing and I find myself often getting taken away by the beautiful lush environments and the way you can interact with them. The multiplayer aspect of the game keeps me addicted with fellow friends that leave me with more laughs and good times than frustrating ones. Battlefield 4 is a great game that I highly recommend to any fan of FPS and shooters alike.

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